King’s Anatomy & Human Sciences Department

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Click on the image above to visit the Anatomy & Human Sciences Department at King’s.

“The Department of Anatomy & Human Sciences at King’s is part of the School of Biomedical Sciences, based at Guy’s Campus.

Our expertise is particularly strong in the anatomical sciences, developmental biology, neuroscience and cell biology. Both our teaching and our research aim to answer questions about how our bodies are built: what is its structure, how does this relate to its function, how was this structure assembled in the embryo?

We examine these issues at all levels, from the macroscopic organisation of tissues (such as the anatomy of the heart or the neuroanatomy of the brain) through to the organisation of individual cells and their sub-cellular components (such as the specialised signals and cytoskeletal proteins that allow cells to move around in the developing embryo).

Members of our Department teach students from a wide range of degree programmes including Human Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy. We deliver courses in Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Histology, Neuroscience and, of course, Human Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. All of our teaching is informed by current biomedical research. It is designed to help students to understand both the fundamental aspects of the subject as to well as evaluate the experimental evidence for our current knowledge and to recognise important areas for future research.”


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